Coming Summer 2019, 24th & Meatballs' three premium Italian product lines will be available in store and at select retailers.

"The Sauce" is 24th & Meatball's famous tangy and zesty tomato sauce. Made with California tomatoes, onions garlic, white wine, extra virgin olive oil and a secret spice blend, "The Sauce" has just the tight amount of acid and spice to make it the perfect sauce for any pasta dish.


Meatballs - the best cuts of meat, eggs, cheese and spice blends to create the perfect texture. Made with NW beef and pork, proprietary spice blend from Oregon Spice and eggs from Steibr Farms. Packaged for supermarket meat counters as well as frozen for retail.

Pasta - Starting with the best organically grown durum wheat, we mix small batches of pasta dough with cold water, extruding each shape through bronze dies to create exterior texture that clings to sauce. The pasta is then placed in an Italian drying oven where moisture slowly evaporates, producing high quality, slow-dried pasta which retains its al dente character when you cook it.

Coming SUMMER 2019, our line of pasta (including Gluten Free pasta!), meatballs, and sauce is available. For more info, contact


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